8 Red Flag Warning Signs Indicating Your Need For A Furnace Replacement!

Is it time that you considered a furnace replacement at your property?

furnace replacements can sometimes pose health issues!

As every northern Utah homeowner knows, the winter months can bring all sorts of unpredictable weather. Our region is renowned for having the best snow on earth, and with that snow quality comes a rapid cycle of blizzards and cold snaps.

If your home’s furnace can’t keep up with your everyday needs, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement from the Beehive Heating & Air specialists.

We understand how tough it can be to know when it’s time to upgrade your existing furnace system, so here’s a list of some red flag warning signs that you should be on the lookout for!

1. Your Furnace’s Age

The first thing you should do when you suspect something is wrong with an aging furnace is verify your furnace’s age. It’s possible that your furnace came with your home when you moved in, which means it can be tough to understand where you’re at in terms of the appliance’s lifespan.

The furnace’s model number will be located on the actual unit, and this number can help you know how old the furnace is. Most furnaces will last around 15-20 years, but this also depends upon their usage and maintenance.

So, if your home’s furnace is getting up there in age, it’s your first indication that you could consider a replacement—as opposed to more furnace repairs.

2. Abnormally High Energy Bills

When your property’s energy bills are abnormally high, it’s a sign that your HVAC system’s efficiency has been jeopardized.

Although there are plenty of repairs that can be done to help you restore your system’s overall efficiency and lower your bills, there are scenarios in which these repairs will only temporarily alleviate your efficiency woes.

The good news is that our furnace experts will help you verify when repairs are a good option, or when it’s time to consider an upgrade.

3. Excessive Rust, Soot, Dirt, or Dust Particles

If you’re noticing more dirt, rust, soot, dander or dust throughout your home on a consistent basis, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your furnace system.

This is a particularly alarming issue when the buildup is occurring while your furnace is running, and it could mean that your system requires a new installation.

4. Indoor Humidity Issues

Minimal humidity is an issue for every homeowner in dry climates like ours, and this is also a wintertime dilemma for many northern Utah households.

If you’re noticing that your home’s indoor air is extremely dry, it could be that your furnace is the cause of the excessively dry air.

5. Uneven Household Heating

When different rooms throughout your home are being heated unevenly (or not at all), it’s typically due to a furnace malfunction. This is a common issue for aging furnaces because older models have more difficulty with even heat distribution throughout homes.

Although there are some situations in which air duct cleaning and other simple repairs can fix your uneven heating, we’ll let you know if your furnace’s malfunctioning is beyond repair and requires a new unit.

6. Unusual Humming, Buzzing or Rattling Noises

When your furnace is making strange noises or is running much louder than it normally does, it’s a clear red flag that it’s time to replace your unit.

However, if it’s possible, we’ll help you repair any leaks, cracks, or other structural issues that are causing the unusual sounds.

7. Furnace System Is Visibly Cracking or Rusting

When your furnace is showing signs of rusting or cracking, it’s another warning sign that you may need to replace your unit with a new model.

This inevitably occurs over long periods of time, and there aren’t many repairs that can fix this issue.

8. Frequent Repair Appointments

If you’re reaching out to our HVAC specialists on a regular basis in order to address your furnace issues, it’s a sign that you might be wasting your money trying to salvage your existing system.

We’re always here to help you address the dilemmas you’re dealing with, but we also want to set you up for a more sustainable, stress-free future. So, when your furnace repair appointments are too frequent, it could mean that it’s time to get a new unit.

Contact Our Furnace Replacement Experts When Your Home’s Heating System Is Acting Up!

Beehive Heating & Air is one of the leading HVAC businesses in northern Utah, and we support both homes and commercial properties with comprehensive services throughout every season of the year.

We understand how stressful it can be to have furnace issues during the middle of our harsh winters, so reach out to us online or call us at 801-849-3860 to speak with our experts today about what’s going on with your heating system!

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