Heat Pump Repair Services In Salt Lake City

Heat Pump Repair Services In Salt Lake City

Beehive Heating & Air provides all kinds of heat pump repair services. Heat pumps are an important part of your home’s heating and cooling systems. They work year round to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

A faulty heat pump can cause considerable discomfort, which is why it needs urgent attention. Thankfully, in Salt Lake City and beyond, our community in Utah has access to Beehive Heating and Air services.

Our team of expert technicians are available round the clock to attend to your heat pump repair needs.

Whether your heat pump needs fixing or replacement, you can count on us at Beehive Heating and Air to provide prompt, excellent and affordable service at any time of the day or night. That’s what we’ve built our reputation on over the years.

Expert Technicians

Free Heat Pump Repair Quotations

Budget concerns on your mind? There’s no cost in having a conversation. Our technicians can provide an assessment of your problem and estimate the total costs involved —for free! We’ll provide a quotation that we’re sure will pleasantly surprise you.

If you’re unsure whether your heat pump problem requires a replacement or a repair, our experts will give you their honest advice. We’ll be able to advise if a fix will be sufficient or if it makes more sense to invest in new equipment. The final decision is always down to you.

Financing Heat Pump Repair and Replacement

We understand that heat pump issues often occur unexpectedly. As a result, our customers may not have budgeted for repairs or replacement. At Beehive Heating and Air, we don’t want financial barriers to prevent people accessing the support that they need.

That’s why we offer financing options that allow customers to enjoy repair and replacement services now then pay later. You can split the payments up and pay them over a longer period to make it more manageable.

The process for applying is straightforward: a simple online application is all that’s required. You’ll receive a response quickly, and if approved, you’ll be able to pay for Beehive Heating and Air services through flexible financing.

It’s this extra attention to detail and consideration for our customers that makes Beehive Heating and Air the preferred HVAC solution provider in Salt Lake City and beyond.

Potential Heat Pump Problems

Because we have significant experience dealing with heat pumps of all kinds, we know which issues you’re most likely to face. Here are some of the problems we’re used to dealing with.

A heat pump that runs constantly

You’ll notice you have this problem when your energy bills are higher than expected. The cause of this issue could be an incorrectly set thermostat. Within the range of a couple of degrees, your thermostat should be set to 78F in summer and 68F TO 72F in winter.

Another potential cause is an incorrectly calibrated thermostat. If it needs to be replaced, contact our team. We can easily help you resolve this problem. However, there are other, more serious potential causes for this problem:

A heat pump with dirty air filters

Heat pumps cannot function without a supply of fresh air. Dirty, clogged filters will prevent air from passing through, and this will force your heat pump to run constantly, working harder to maintain your desired temperature.

How do you know if your air filters are dirty? It’s easy! Look at them against the light. If you can’t see through them, this is a sign that they need to be replaced or cleaned.

A heat pump with a broken compressor contactor

Do you know what your contactor does? It’s a device in your heat pump controlling the electricity that flows to the rest of its components. You don’t want that to break, because it will cause your pump to run all the time.

Worried that your heat pump’s contactor is broken? We can diagnose the problem and deliver a solution that will soon have your pump working as normal again.

A heat pump with dirty coils

It’s important to have your heat pump regularly serviced. Otherwise, grime will accumulate on the coils. This has an impact on how it operates. You should get into a routine of cleaning your coils every two months.

A leak in the refrigerant of the heat pump

This is another issue that can cause your pump to run all the time. The refrigerant allows heat to transfer between the air indoors and outdoors. When it’s low, that transfer can’t happen.

When the transfer doesn’t occur as it should, the heat pump has to run all the time to compensate for a diminished heating and cooling capacity. Some heat pump issues can be handled at home, but this is a job that calls for the professionals!

An incorrectly sized heat pump

It could be that you simply have the wrong size pump for your living space. Contact Beehive Heating and Air if you need our help!

An incorrectly sized heat pump

It could be that you simply have the wrong size pump for your living space. Contact Beehive Heating and Air if you need our help!

A heat pump that won’t turn on

When you realize your heat pump isn’t working, you can do some troubleshooting to determine the cause. If you’re struggling to work out the cause, remember you can call our technicians for a free evaluation and quotation!

Here are some of the reasons your heat pump might not be coming on.

A heat pump with thermostat issues

If the thermostat loses power, it’s not telling the heat pump what the temperature should be. As a result, your heat pump won’t turn on. The first step you should take is to check your thermostat’s display: if it’s not on, this is an obvious sign that it doesn’t have power!

Check the batteries, check if the circuit breaker has tripped, then check if you have a blown fuse. None of the above? Time to call Beehive Heating and Air, then.

A heat pump experiencing power loss

Your two units, indoor and outdoor, have their own switches. Check and make sure both are on. If they are, then look at your home electrical panel to identify any possible issues there.

A faulty capacitor in your heat pump

The capacitar plays an important role in delivering power to the motor that drives your heat pump. It is responsible for the energy that kick starts the unit. Without this, your pump won’t turn on!

A sign that the capacitor is the issue is if you hear a clicking noise when you try to turn your heat pump on. Replacing a starter capacitor is dangerous unless you have expertise and experience, so don’t attempt this. Call us out instead! Otherwise, you risk electrocution, even if the power is disconnected.

A closed heat pump register

For people with ducted heat pumps, a closed or obstructed register can cause problems. Make sure no furniture is in front of your registers and keep them clean as a clogged or blocked register will not allow your pump to receive any air.

A heat pump with faulty reversing valve

Unless you’re an HVAC expert like the team at Beehive Heating and Air, you may not appreciate the importance of your reversing valve. If it’s faulty, your heat pump won’t be able to heat and cool your home. It may be able to do one but not the other, which is hardly helpful! Let us know when your reversing valve appears to be malfunctioning.

A heat pump that isn’t heating or cooling as expected

When you install a heat pump, it’s because you want it to cool you in summer and keep you cozy in winter. If your heat pump is failing to deliver on either of these fronts, there could be a few reasons for this.

A heat pump with a blocked outside unit

Outdoor units have to expel hot air, and it’s impossible to do that if it’s covered in debris. If you have branches or foliage growing around your unit, now is the time to strip them back. Clean this area regularly to ensure your unit functions as effectively as possible.

A faulty reversing valve in your heat pump

When your heat pump is effectively cooling or heating but not achieving both, this is a sign that your reversing valve is at fault. This should be repaired by a professional. We’ll advise you if a replacement is necessary.

A heat pump with an incorrectly-set thermostat

If your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, this is a problem. It will result in a system that doesn’t function on demand. Check the manual to recalibrate it. Still not working? No problem! Give us a call and we’ll both diagnose and resolve the issue. It may be that a replacement is necessary, but we will let you know either way.

A heat pump with leaking ducts

The first sign that your heat pump has a duct leak is if your energy bills are unexpectedly high. You can double check by holding your hand over the connection points at any exposed ductwork. When your ductwork is hidden, you need an HVAC professional to diagnose the problem.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Here at Beehive Heating and Air, we believe in providing services precisely when our customers need them. That’s why we’re available 24 hours a day! Now, you don’t have to wait to find out what’s wrong with your heat pump.

When you call our talented team of experienced technicians, your issue will be attended to as quickly as possible. We won’t hesitate to diagnose and resolve your heat pump problems! Our customers deserve functioning heat pumps at all times, and we’re on call to ensure they have them.

It pays to get issues fixed as soon as they arise. Heat pump repairs help to fix small problems before they become big ones.

Some benefits of prompt heat pump repairs are:

Increased Efficiency

When your heat pump runs for a while, its parts can get dirty, damaged or destroyed. A quick look by our technicians can spot a dirty outdoor coil, a damaged indoor coil or dirty filters early.

Once these problems are fixed, your heat pump’s system will run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. It’s better for both your budget and the environment when your appliances run efficiently!

Longer Lifespan of the Heat Pump

Regular heat pump repairs keep all the parts of the heat pump running smoothly and efficiently. That means your heat pump will have less wear and tear as time goes on. Maintenance is crucial to keeping a heat pump functional.

If you take care of your system, you’ll be rewarded by a well functioning heat pump that can serve you for many years. Nobody wants to splash out on a new pump unnecessarily, after all.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run

When your heat pump is promptly repaired then it saves you the time, money and inconvenience of having to purchase and install new heat pumps often. Our customers prefer to avoid the process of replacement where possible.

A well maintained and promptly repaired heat pump is dependable; it’s an asset that is very unlikely to break down one dark winter night or one sweltering summer afternoon! That’s what everyone wants in a heat pump.

heat pump repair service man working on unit on wall

Why Choose Beehive Heating and Air?

We are the Utah HVAC specialists, serving Salt Lake City and beyond. We have an excellent reputation in the area for a reason: we’re known for delivering consistently excellent service.

When you choose our service, you enjoy peace of mind. You know that we will accurately diagnose the problem and get the job right the first time. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, you can count on us to have your heat pump working effectively and efficiently.

Our rates are affordable and we’re available around the clock, so keep Beehive Heating and Air in mind whenever you experience a heat pump issue.

If you notice any problem at all with your heat pump, please do not hesitate to call our HVAC experts.

We are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

Need your Heat Pump installed or repaired?

If you notice any problem at all with your heat pump, please do not hesitate to call our HVAC experts. 

We are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!

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