Common HVAC Brands

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There are several well-known brands in the HVAC industry. Some of them are known for their quality components while others are renowned for their reliability. Others still offer extensive warranties. So which is best for your home?

That’s a decision that we can’t make within a blog post. Rather, we thought we’d go over the five most common HVAC brands and highlight a few notable details about each while also including a link to their respective homepages for more information.

The first of our common HVAC brands may be one of the more recognizable, if for anything due to their tagline “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane.” Trane offers multiple types of furnace systems, including natural gas, propane, and heating oil.

Most of their options are rated for a 92% or higher efficiency rating and are Energy Star-qualified options for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

The next company on our list of common HVAC brands is Bryant. Bryant not only offers great furnace options but multiple options for air conditioning and heat pumps, as well as specialty air filter systems such as their electronic Air Purifier system.

Many of Bryant’s furnaces have a 95% or higher efficiency rating. In addition, they also offer boiler options, ductless systems, and light commercial systems for smaller facilities.

The third option from our common HVAC brands list is Lennox. One marketing difference between Lennox and the brands we’ve already talked about is garagespecific HVAC systems. In addition, Lennox manufactures package units, an all-in-one option for both heating and cooling. 

Like Bryant, Lennox also offers split ductless systems for (as they call them) “add-on rooms”. These are great for spaces such as an enclosed patio or a small building that needs to add an extra office or two but can’t tap into the existing HVAC system.

We will refrain from making a Better Call Saul joke today because the reality is Goodman HVAC systems are often a great value for a homeowner. Like Lennox, Goodman also offers budget-conscious package units.

Goodman’s furnace options are limited to gas-burning systems only. However, what they may lack in options they make up in other areas, such as a 10-year warranty and advanced features great for smart home integrations.

The final option to discuss today in our list of common HVAC brands is Rheem. Like Trane, Rheem also offers oil-based furnace systems. They have multiple options with varying efficiency ratings, allowing the homeowner to make the best choice for their home and budget. Rheem has a reputation for easy installations and 20-year warranties on its heat exchanger products.

We only work with the best HVAC brands

Each of the above HVAC furnace brands has its benefits, and we work with our customers to ensure we install the right one for their homes. Would you like a free quote for a brand new HVAC furnace install? Then fill out our free request for a quote here and we’ll follow up with a time to go over your options and how we can help!

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