Common Repairs For Your Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems!

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are very durable, but they sometimes experience repair issues!

hydronic radiant floor heating solutions from the Beehive team.

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are ductless alternatives for warming up your northern Utah home during our harsh winter months, and these systems are widely known throughout the HVAC industry for being eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Radiant floor heating is also loved by those who have allergies, because you won’t have to worry about allergen distribution as much. Most homeowners prefer hydronic radiant systems, which connect your water heater to your HVAC system through state-of-the-art technology.

Although hydronic radiant floor heating systems are very durable and generally require little to no maintenance, there are some repair issues that home and business owners should know about. Below we’ll be breaking down these common repairs, and providing tips on how to address them!

Damaged Mixing Valves

Mixing valves mix the flow of water within your hydronic radiant floor heating system as water flows out from your boiler and returns through your system’s tubing. When these valves malfunction or become damaged, it can lead to serious water pressure issues throughout your entire property—and even warped tiles and panels.

This is one of the most common repairs that homeowners with hydronic systems experience, and there are some troubleshooting tips that you can do prior to reaching out to HVAC specialists. You may only need to adjust your valve’s temperature settings, or ensure that your system’s thermostat sensor is working correctly.

When these two components seem fine, it’s likely that your mixing valve has become damaged. The good news is that the Beehive team will thoroughly assess the internal components of your heating system in order to develop an accurate diagnosis, and then replace any damaged valves when necessary.

Zone Valve Issues

Your radiant floor system’s water will move from your boiler and through zone valves, so it’s normal for faulty installations or normal wear and tear to detrimentally impact these valves. This issue often leads to inconsistent water flow throughout your system’s tubing, which subsequently creates efficiency issues as well.

Our technicians will run a series of troubleshooting steps to pinpoint what exactly is happening to your system, which will include double-checking your system’s electrical components and connections. It’s possible that this repair is actually a warning sign for an even bigger, lingering issue.


Even well installed hydronic systems can experience corrosion, sagging floorboards, or other serious impacts. Other remodeling projects can also detrimentally impact your system’s piping, and all hydronic systems are susceptible to leaks.

The good news is that we always work directly with the Master Plumbers at our sister company Beehive Plumbing to utilize their cutting-edge leak detection systems when we suspect that your flooring system is leaking.

These precision tools help us to pinpoint exactly where a leak is occurring within your system’s tubing, and this is never a DIY repair project due to the job’s very delicate nature!

Air Locks

Some hydronic radiant floor heating system installations entail what’s referred to as an open-loop process, and these systems are sometimes vulnerable to municipal water flow interruptions, as well as private well system interruptions. The main red flag that indicates an air lock repair situation is when only a portion of your floors are being heated, or when your floors aren’t being heated at all.

Although air locks are rare, they’re still possible and they can still potentially cause flooding and other structural damages throughout your property. The good news is that our specialists can thoroughly flush out your hydronic system and effectively push out these harmful air kinks!

Damaged Tiles or Panels

Another common repair is when you’re experiencing damaged tiles or panels that were caused by system malfunctions or faulty installations. This is why it’s so important to match your hydronic heating system with a flooring material that’s conducive with these systems.

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