FAQ: 4 Common Issues Faced by Commercial HVAC Systems

Beehive Heating and Air is well known for providing residential HVAC system repair, replacement, and installation. However, we also work with many local businesses, which requires specific expertise.

That’s because commercial HVAC systems are usually of a significantly larger scale, and they often bring additional factors to consider such as local regulations.

Thankfully, our team of trained technicians has extensive experience working with these systems, so we’re able to support Utah businesses with all their HVAC needs

Here are the 4 most common issues that we come up against:

  1. An Inadequate System

    When it comes to investing in HVAC, some companies attempt to cut costs by choosing systems that are smaller than their needs demand. This is a false economy, as a more efficient system would have to be run less frequently: investing in a decent system saves energy costs in the long term.

    Another way that too-small systems fail commercial clients is that they burn out much quicker than the right size would. If a system is being used way more than it should be, it will sadly have a shorter lifespan than you’d usually expect.

    That means companies end up paying out again for a brand new system!
  2. Lack of Maintenance

    Even if you have the best HVAC system imaginable, a lack of maintenance could seriously affect its functionality. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your energy costs down, too. If a system isn’t well cared for, it has to work much harder to heat or cool your premises.

    Remember, an overworked system will quickly tire out. To avoid spending on a new system prematurely, arrange regular servicing with Beehive Heating and Air. This also gives us the chance to catch small issues before they worsen into something serious.
  3. Clogged Drain Lines

    Drain lines are crucial to HVAC because when a system is cooling, the condensation it produces needs to be drained away. If this line is clogged, water will build up and potentially overflow, causing damage to the commercial premises. As all business owners know, this kind of property damage can be very expensive to fix!

    Maybe your HVAC system has an automatic mechanism that triggers when your drip pan is full so that it doesn’t overflow. However, your HVAC system will then turn off everytime the pan fills, and that doesn’t sound like a great environment to work in!
  4. Bad Air Quality

    Of course, responsible businesses want to ensure that the quality of the air in their premises is good. Dirty air filters can stop them from achieving this. More so than in residential HVAC systems, commercial ones take in a lot of air through their return vents. This means their filters can clog quicker than you might expect.

    A clogged filter means your system is working harder than it should be, and it’s still circulating contaminated air around the building. Talk about a lose-lose situation! Thankfully, this is an easy fix. All you need is to replace your air filter regularly, and we’re happy to do that hard work for you here at Beehive Heating and Air!
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