How Much Does It Cost To Check A Furnace?

Furnace inspections are vital for every northern Utah household to invest in, and here’s our cost analysis breakdown!

furnace inspection at a northern Utah home

As the upcoming winter season forms here in northern Utah, we can all expect frigid temperatures and snowstorms throughout the foreseeable future.

This means that it’ll be increasingly important to keep your home warm. Still, the unfortunate truth is that too many homeowners in our area put off furnace inspections and don’t get anything maintained until they’re experiencing severe issues.

The good news is that the Beehive Heating & Air team is here to help you keep your home’s furnace in tip-top shape through our professional inspections, and below, we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about the costs associated with furnace maintenance and seasonal inspections!

How Much Do Furnace Inspections Cost?

The average costs for a furnace inspection range between $80-$100, but these costs will increase when more repairs are required. Thankfully, the team at Beehive can provide comprehensive maintenance plans that dramatically reduce your seasonal maintenance costs and overall HVAC system upkeep.

Getting your home’s furnace professionally inspected is crucial during the fall months. However, anytime before New Year’s Day is preemptive enough to ensure your property is safe during the year’s coldest days.

Why Are Annual Furnace Inspections Important?

There are many reasons why you should take your annual furnace inspections very seriously, including the following:

Repair Prevention & Maintenance

Keeping your HVAC system functioning optimally is crucial in avoiding unexpected issues and repairs, which is especially important during our harsh winter season.

Our technicians will closely examine every part of your furnace during your checkup appointment, including your ductwork and unit components. We’ll also thoroughly clean and lubricate your most vital components as necessary and verify whether or not your system is building up any abnormal pressure.

We’ll also ensure the functionality of your thermostat and change out your air filters for new ones. As with all of your property’s most valuable systems, routine maintenance appointments can help prevent minor furnace issues from becoming extensive, costly dilemmas later on!

Savings & Efficiency

The best thing you can do for your furnace is to ensure it doesn’t work harder than it has to. Regular furnace maintenance will translate directly into efficiency improvements that lower energy bills and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

That’s right, furnace inspection investments can save you money in the long run! Not only will you avoid unexpected repairs when you get your system inspected, but you’ll also avoid premature replacements. And when your system dies during the middle of snowstorms or during the holidays, it can cost much more than usual.

Professional furnace inspections can also help you better estimate how much longer an older furnace has in terms of its functional lifetime, which goes a long way to help homeowners prepare financially for an ensuing replacement.

Household Safety & Health

Proper furnace functionality is also crucial for your household’s health and safety, and routine inspections can even be life-saving when detecting carbon monoxide leaks. Over 400 Americans die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and over 20,000 Americans require ER visits, so this isn’t the type of HVAC issue that you can neglect!

Carbon monoxide leaks are challenging to detect without professional help, so ensuring your home’s overall safety goes hand-in-hand with seasonal HVAC checkups.

Other Tips For Top Furnace Performance

Although there are several ways that you can help ensure the smooth functionality and efficiency of your furnace, the following tips are some simple strategies you can implement at your home:

  • Change out your air filters at least every three months
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat to help you monitor your system and save on energy costs
  • Visually inspect your furnace on a routine basis, and call the Beehive team when you notice something wrong
  • Schedule seasonal inspections in both the spring and fall months before the heating and cooling seasons

What Exactly Is Included In A Furnace Checkup Appointment?

Furnace checkups follow established steps that allow our team to maximize your system’s lifetime and ensure safe and comfortable winter seasons for your entire household.

Some of our furnace inspection checklist includes:

  • Checking your furnace’s fan belt
  • Tightening up electrical connections
  • Closely inspecting your exhaust system and filters
  • Testing your heat exchanger
  • Lubricating all moving components
  • Adjusting gas pressure and pilot lights
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Removing blockages and debris
  • Tightening up the entire system
  • Testing the entire system
  • Assessing the overall condition of the furnace
  • And much more!

Call Beehive Heating & Air For Your Next Furnace Inspection!

Beehive Heating & Air is one of the leading HVAC businesses in northern Utah, and our team of specialists is here for your home or business when you need a furnace inspection.

Our team is available to answer your questions and ensure your property’s overall comfort this winter, so contact us online or call us at 801-849-3876 to schedule your next furnace inspection today!

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