How to Prep Your AC Unit for Summer

The last thing any homeowner wants is for their air conditioning system to quit working in the summer. After all, as temperatures rise you’ll need it to help keep your home cool all season long. That’s one reason why we put together this list of tips to keep your AC running problem free. Some of these are easy to tackle yourself, and others will need professional assistance from an AC company.

Let’s start with something that should be on your yearly to-do list.

Schedule annual air conditioning servicing.

Before summer temperatures warrant using your air conditioner, you should schedule an annual air conditioning service with Beehive Heating and Air. This will ensure that your system is fully functional and that no underlying problems are preventing it from working.

Don’t ignore signs of air conditioning repair.

The next tip is to keep an eye out. What do we mean by that? There are a handful of signs that you need air conditioning repair. Those range from weak airflow to odd smells to strange sounds and more. We covered many of those reasons in a recent blog which you can read here. 

In any case, remembering those signs and taking care of them right away is an easy tip to keep your AC running problem free.

Replace your air filter.

Another simple tip is to replace your air filter. This simple yet important filtration media helps to keep your home free of contaminants while also helping your heating and cooling system run more efficiently. If you want to keep your AC running problem free, prioritize replacing your air filter — at a minimum, every three months.

Keep the area around the condenser clean.

Another tip to keep your AC running problem free involves your outside compressor unit. Keep the area around it free and clear of grass, weeds, and other obstructions. The condenser needs sufficient airflow to work properly, and this natural foliage can interfere with its operation.

Vacuum your vents.

When is the last time you vacuumed your ductwork vents? You can vacuum some of the surface-level components of your vents every couple of weeks. However, you should also contact an HVAC or another home services contractor who can handle a deep cleaning of your ductwork. This will keep the air moving throughout the system more effectively and also help reduce exposure for your family to dust and pollen.

Caulk your windows.

When is the last time you caulked your windows? Did you know that, in both warmer and cooler temperatures, you can lose significant energy through the gaps and cracks in them? Plugging the holes with some simple caulking compound can help keep your system in optimal operating condition.

Keep your AC running problem free with Beehive Heating and Air!

Finally, our last tip to keep your AC running problem free is to contact our team whenever you need HVAC repair or air conditioner servicing. We’ll ensure that any problems we find are addressed quickly so that your home is comfortable regardless of the outside temperatures.

Ready to get started? Then call us at (801) 980-0903 or send us an email here to get in touch with our team.

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