How to Save Money on Heating Costs this Winter

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So, if you’re like the rest of us, winter can be a “cozy” time. Sitting at home on a wintery evening in a pair of sweatpants or pajamas is a great way to slow down and spend time with our loved ones. But of course, dressing warm isn’t the only way to save money on heating costs. There are some proactive steps you can take to lower your energy usage while staying comfortable. Here are our seven favorite tips on things you can do today to save money this winter.

Open the curtains when the sun is out
The sun is a great source of heat. When it breaks through the clouds this winter, be sure to open your curtains to let its warmth inside of your home. It won’t necessarily heat your home to a level that negates turning on your furnace, but it can help reduce the workload for your HVAC system.

Replace your furnace filters
When is the last time you replaced your furnace filters? We won’t judge you if the answer isn’t in 2022. However, we do recommend you replace them right away. Dirty or clogged filters will make your system work even harder, which raises your costs. A clean filter can help you save costs with heating more than you may realize.

By the way, this is true in the summer with cooling costs as well!

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans
As hot air rises, you can use your ceiling fans to push it back down. Change their direction to run counterclockwise. This is a small yet effective way to make use of the warm air already in your living spaces.

Update your insulation
If your home is older, it may not have energy-efficient insulation. Updating the insulation in your attic can help reduce the strain on your HVAC system by keeping warm air inside of your home.

Wrap your ducts
Did you know that you actually lose energy through your ductwork? By wrapping the pipes and lines throughout your home, you can help mitigate this heat loss — which will, of course, help save money on heating costs.

Perform an energy audit
Working with a certified technician can help identify gaps in your home’s heating situation. An energy audit is a great way to find places where heat escapes, is lost, or otherwise isn’t performing as intended.

Close your fireplace damper
For those who own a fireplace, you should only have your damper in the “open” position when you’re burning a fire. Any other time will allow heat to escape up your flue (and potentially cold drafts into your home).

Bonus tip: schedule your annual maintenance appointment with Beehive today!
When you want to save money on heating costs, it’s best to start early. An annual maintenance inspection can help reveal any problems with your HVAC system that needs fixed. The longer these go unaddressed, the more it will cost you on your heating bill.

We’d love to help you save money on heating costs. Would you like to book an appointment? Send us a message HERE or call our offices at 801-980-0903. We’ll schedule a time that works for your schedule as soon as possible.

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