HVAC Tips To Prepare Your Northern Utah Home For Springtime!

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s a great idea to get ahead of the curve and prepare your HVAC system now!

HVAC inspections in northern Utah.

Although it’s still February, springtime is just around the corner here in northern Utah. This means that homeowners living in the Salt Lake Valley need to start preparing their HVAC systems for warmer temperatures and other seasonal shifts.

The good news is that the Beehive experts are here to help get your property up to speed way before we start getting extra busy around April and May, so keep the below tips in mind to better ensure that your home is ready to make the switch to springtime!

Change Out Your Air Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters can detrimentally impact a home’s indoor air quality, and they can also reduce your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. Filter changes are often something that homeowners forget about during our harsh winter months, which is why February tends to be a good month to switch out your existing filters.

You’re supposed to switch out your filters every 2-3 months, so if it’s been a little while, then it’s probably time to make this switch.

Upgrading Your Thermostat

It’s also a good idea to consider a thermostat upgrade this time of year to guarantee that your home will stay warm throughout the rest of winter and will be ready to make the switch to air conditioning around the end of March.

Smart thermostats are all the rage throughout today’s HVAC industry, and this is because they offer a ton of versatility and convenience for homeowners through smartphone apps and easy settings adjustments.

Seal Your Air Leaks

Although sealing air leaks is also something that you should consider doing during the fall months, it’s also a smart strategy around this time of year as well when it comes to bolstering your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Air leaks often cause residential systems to work a lot harder than they actually need to, which is another reason why it’s so crucial to seal any cracks or gaps around your windows and doors with proper caulking or weatherstripping.

Double-Check Your Insulation

It’s still very cold outside this February, which is why you should double-check your home’s insulation around this time of year.

A lot of northern Utah homeowners don’t realize how their warm air is escaping through their roofs due to improper attic insulation, so verifying your insulation levels can help you stay warm throughout the rest of winter and get you prepared for staying cool this summer!

Check Your Vents

February is also a good month to make sure that your system’s vents aren’t too dirty or dusty. All sorts of obstructions tend to make their way into vents during our harsh winter seasons, so this is a quick and easy way to guarantee that your property has free air circulation and maximum efficiency.

Consider Adding a Zoning System

Zoning heating systems have become wildly popular throughout northern Utah in recent years, and this is mainly because they’re an energy-efficient solution that helps homeowners customize specific temperature differences throughout their property. 

This means that an HVAC expert will divide your home into climate zones, which will have their own thermostats and control panels. This type of system helps people to customize their living spaces, without disrupting the rest of a property.

Ductwork Inspections

It’s also a great idea to ask our HVAC technicians to inspect your home’s ductwork this time of year, and this is partly because our team will be incredibly busy around April and May doing these exact same types of appointments.

So you can get way ahead of the curve by getting your property’s ductwork inspected in February, which can also go a long way to keep you warm until spring arrives.

Check Your Indoor Humidity Levels

In months like February, it’s increasingly more important to double-check your property’s indoor humidity levels. Our harsh winter seasons can often wreak havoc on people’s respiratory systems and skin, and maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial as you prep your HVAC system for springtime.

We all know just how drastically different our spring and summer months are from our winter months when it comes to humidity, so you simply can’t be too proactive when it comes to this vital aspect of your home’s comfort!

Install Air Purifiers

It’s no secret how northern Utah has an air pollution problem, and these issues tend to only get worse during the spring and summer months. This is why February is a great time of the year to consider a whole-house air purifier installation from one of our HVAC professionals.

We’ll help you determine which specific purifier devices would work best for your property’s unique needs in order to improve your indoor air quality before these investments are desperately needed later in the year!

Schedule an HVAC Inspection Appointment

One of the best things that you can do for your home is to schedule a professional HVAC inspection appointment with reputable technicians. Our inspections will thoroughly evaluate your major HVAC appliances, as well as many different electrical components that might need double-checking.

No one wants to experience an HVAC emergency during the heart of the summer, so preparing your home’s system this time of year is the proactive approach to ensure a smooth transition from heating to cooling!

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