Is my HVAC making me sick?

Your home is your private refuge, a place you should be able to go to to escape the cares of the world. However, it can be a disconcerting feeling if there’s a concern that your home is making you sick. In fact, as an extension of this many homeowners have asked “Is my HVAC making me sick?” 

Of course, if our team is regularly maintaining your HVAC system, we would always expect this answer to be “No, it’s not.” However, there are several issues that — if left unattended — can flip that answer on its head. First, though, let’s talk about the importance of indoor air quality.

The importance of indoor air quality
What we breathe can affect our health more than we realize. Have you ever cleaned out a musty room or detached barn? Did your lungs hurt afterward? If so, you experienced firsthand the effect that indoor air quality can have on your body. From those with compromised immune systems to those allergy suffers living in your home, improving your indoor air quality is one of the best things you can do to maintain your family’s health.

Now, what are some common ways that your circulating indoor air may be affecting your health?

Dirt, dust, and other allergens
We already mentioned allergy sufferers, though this is only one of the groups that can be affected by indoor air quality. Asthma sufferers, those with chronic health conditions, and individuals living with autoimmune disorders are all particularly susceptible to dirt, dust, and other allergens. With dirty air ducts or ones with moisture growing in them, this is a recipe for disaster.

Cleaning your ducts to eliminate these contaminants is one of the best things you can do to prevent this problem.

The importance of routinely replacing your air filter
On a more frequent basis, you can help these individuals by replacing your HVAC air filter. This should be done, at a minimum, twice a year. More ideally, you could replace it on a quarterly schedule. This will keep the air flowing into your system clean and clear while also reducing the impact of allergens on your family.

Moisture, mildew, and mold
Moisture and homes don’t mix. Leaks in your ceiling can lead to mold and mold in places you never would expect to find it.
If mold starts to grow in your HVAC ductwork, then yes it will negatively impact your family’s health. This can take several forms, such as unexplained headaches or other body aches. If you suspect there’s a mold issue with your home, schedule an inspection or indoor air quality analysis ASAP.

We’ll help to ensure your HVAC never makes you sick
None of us want to feel like our safe havens are causing us to feel sick. We’re confident that with Beehive Heating and Air on your side, this will never happen to you. 

The key is proactive maintenance and addressing issues as soon as they present themselves. Those situations can easily be mitigated with an inspection. Schedule your appointment with us HERE or by calling (801) 980-0903. We’ll send a technician out as soon as possible to figure out any issues with your HVAC system and get you back to feeling safe and secure in your beloved home.

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