Should I have my HVAC ducts cleaned?

Many homeowners are on board with spring cleaning. They feel a sudden sense to get  rid of all of the winter dirt and dust throughout their home. The problem? On the  surface, everything looks beautifully clean. However, within their HVAC system, unless  they had it cleaned it’s possible they’ll be spitting more dirt and dust back into the air. If  you’re wondering if you should have your HVAC ducts cleaned, and that last sentence  didn’t convince you, here are a few more questions to ask yourself. 

What’s hiding in your HVAC ducts? 

This might sound ominous, but hear us out. Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Or  better yet, do you live in your home? 

That last one might sound like we’re being facetious, but trust us: you’d be surprised  what turns up within an HVAC vent. Everything from Lego bricks to Barbie’s missing  shoe to even small articles of clothing can block the airflow within your vents. Cleaning  will remove these obstructions and get your system back to full capacity. 

Do you suffer from allergies? 

Remember our question about having pets? While your feline and canine friends might  not cause allergies directly, their dander can shed and make its way into your HVAC  system. When combined with seasonal pollen, this makes for an overall reduced air  quality. 

Allergy sufferers will always benefit from an annual HVAC ductwork cleaning. It may  even reduce or eliminate the headaches you experience at home. 

Did you recently purchase a previously-owned home? 

It’s one thing to know that your own fallen hair and pet’s dander are in your HVAC  system. It’s something else to consider that it might be from a total stranger. 

If you recently purchased a home from a previous owner, you will want to schedule a  ductwork cleaning as soon as possible. This is akin to changing the sheets between  stays in a hotel. It’s simply good hygiene and will ensure that the air you breathe is as  safe and clean as possible. 

Does your airflow suddenly feel less efficient? 

While this question may be related to a dirty air filter, it’s also possible that your overall  ductwork needs to be cleaned. There could also be some kind of blockage preventing  your air from flowing properly. Worse yet, that same blockage could lead to damage to  your blower motor or furnace system, which would then lead to an even larger repair  

bill. In short, if you notice any problem with your airflow, it’s a good idea to have your  system inspected ASAP. 

Let us know how we can help 

The first step in determining the condition of your HVAC ductwork is to schedule an  inspection with our team. We’ll go over your system from top to bottom, ensuring that 

it works as intended and at peak operational efficiency. If we discover that you could  benefit from ductwork cleaning, we’ll let you know at that time. 

Ready to get started or would you like to learn more? Then send us a message here or  give our team a call at (801) 980-0903.

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