The 4 HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

It’s easy to overlook your HVAC system in your home care routine, but it’s responsible for keeping your home comfortable, which we think is well worth some time and attention. Here are the most common mistakes homeowners make when handling HVAC maintenance and AC repair. By avoiding these mistakes early on, you’ll reduce the need for costly calls to your HVAC contractor.

Skipping Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance like changing your air filters helps keep your HVAC unit working better and more efficiently. It also prolongs the system’s lifespan and keeps your electricity costs down. Try setting recurring reminders on your phone or writing them into your calendar so routine tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Shutting Off Your AC When You Leave the House

A lot of people think if they won’t be at home for a few hours, it makes sense to completely shut off their AC unit. Sure, you won’t be there to enjoy the nice, cool air. But when you get home to a sweltering house, you’ll turn the air back on and your system will have to work extra-hard to get the house back to the temperature you want. Not only that, but it’ll be tempting to crank the AC extra-high to compensate for the sweltering temperatures, which puts extra strain on the system and might leave you shivering, not comfortable.

Instead, we recommend leaving the AC on, but turning it a few degrees warmer while you’re gone. That way, you’re saving energy, but your system won’t have to work extra-hard when you get home.

Foregoing Annual Inspections

A lot of homeowners think they’re saving a quick buck by skipping annual maintenance inspections. In reality, that’s one of the most common mistakes homeowners can make. Annual check-ups help extend your system’s lifespan and keep it running optimally.

Annual maintenance gives your HVAC contractor a chance to detect small problems before they snowball into costly repairs. They’ll test your system and replace worn or broken parts. Most annual inspections also include cleaning the system, which keeps it working as efficiently as possible and helps keep your home’s air quality high.

By skipping annual inspections, homeowners run the risk of being blindsided by big repairs down the road.

Trying to Fix HVAC Problems Themselves

Some people would rather handle problems themselves than call in a pro. While that makes sense and we certainly applaud the do-it-yourself spirit, HVAC systems are one case where you need a professional. Working with HVAC systems means fiddling around with electricity, gases, and chemicals. It’s complicated, and mistakes can be dangerous. It’s easy for amateurs to exacerbate problems, make problems worse, or hurt themselves.

When in doubt, call in a pro! Save the DIY home improvement projects for repainting the basement or remodeling the bathroom.

You put a lot of care and time into keeping your home safe, clean, and comfortable. Your HVAC system is no exception. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can protect your home and take the best possible care of it.

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