Tips To Help You Prolong Your Furnace’s Functional Lifetime

Furnace repairs and replacements are always stressful, so here are some tips to prolong your furnace’s functional lifetime!

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No one in northern Utah wants to experience a broken furnace during the middle of the winter season, which is why it’s crucial to keep furnace maintenance in mind this time of year.

Although your furnace can likely last around 20 years or so, it’s not meant to last forever. All of us at Beehive Heating & Air want to help our clients prolong the functional lifetimes of their furnaces, and we’ll be there for you when you’re wearing jackets inside due to malfunctions.

There’s no denying how furnace malfunctions can be concerning and inconvenient, so here are some tips to help you keep your furnace in good condition for as long as possible!

Invest In Seasonal Maintenance Appointments

The most important thing you can do to prolong the lifetime of your home’s furnace is invest in professional inspections and maintenance appointments at least on a yearly basis. Having an expert examining your furnace during the fall months will help guarantee that your system is prepped and ready for our harsh Utah winters.

And if anything looks wrong, our specialists will ensure that it’s properly fixed before matters get much worse. So, the more you maintain your furnace with professional help, the longer it’ll ultimately last!

Never Lingering On Furnace Repairs

It’s important for homeowners to keep a close eye on their furnace, and this is particularly important when you know your furnace is getting older. Heating systems do gradually fail, but our technicians will help you make furnace repairs when you let us know what’s going on.

The important thing on your end is to not delay in calling us. Allowing your lingering issues to get worse will often lead to premature failures later on. Your furnace can develop much more serious issues as you let problems develop, so be sure to call us right as you’re noticing strange symptoms!

Frequently Replacing Your Home’s Air Filters

One of the easiest things that homeowners can do to prolong the lifetimes of their furnaces is simply replace their system’s air filters on a routine basis. Your filters are going to collect all sorts of pet dander, dirt, dust and other debris, and clogged filters will force your furnace to work harder than it’s actually supposed to.

This extra effort will eventually reduce your furnace’s lifespan, which is why you should always be replacing your home’s air filters every 2-3 months!

Upgrading Your HVAC System’s Thermostat

Your furnace’s functional lifetime is ultimately decided by how long and how hard the unit works. This means you could be overworking your furnace when you unnecessarily leave it on, and this also leads to unnecessarily high energy bills as well.

Programmable thermostats are one of the latest tech advancements to enter into the HVAC industry, and they’re helping home and business owners in profound ways. With these thermostats, you’ll be able to adjust your property’s heating settings with a few swipes of your smartphone.

Programmable thermostats are considered to be eco-friendly investments because they’ll help you to reduce your energy consumption, which then allows you to keep your furnace for much longer!

Cleaning & Sealing Your Home’s Ductwork

Ductwork breaches contribute to about 30% of all conditioned air losses, and these clogs frequently happen due to dust and debris buildup within ducts.

Ductwork leaks are essentially going to rob you of all the hard work that your furnace is putting in to keep your property warm, and it’ll force your unit into working harder and longer just to get its job done.

Like many of the other issues found within this list, ductwork leaks contribute to an overworked furnace—and subsequently functional lifetime reductions. This is why it’s absolutely critical for homeowners to invest in ductwork inspections on a regular basis, and fix any existing leaks as needed!

Examining Your Insulation

Proper home insulation can also go a long way to ease the overall workload off of your furnace, because insulation will allow your furnace to take more breaks. Our attics are often where our systems lose heat, so improving your attic insulation can help guarantee a lighter furnace workload.

Call Beehive Heating & Air When You Need Furnace Maintenance

Beehive Heating & Air is an HVAC industry leader in northern Utah, and our team supports countless homes and businesses with furnace maintenance appointments this time of year.

Reach out to us online or give us a call at 801-849-3860 to speak with our furnace specialists today about setting up a seasonal maintenance appointment at your property!

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