Why is my water pressure low?

why is my water pressure low?
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It might be one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re standing in the shower, trying to get ready for work. Suddenly, your water pressure starts to drop. What’s going on? Worse yet, you’re suddenly running out of hot water when you haven’t been in the shower that long. Believe it or not, both of these can be related issues. Let’s look at why your water pressure may be low whenever you turn on the tap.

A faulty water pressure regulator
The first reason your water pressure may be low is if you have a faulty water pressure regulator. This gauge reads exactly what you might expect it to read: the pressure flowing in your pipes throughout your home. If it’s faulty, it may think there is more pressure than there really is and artificially reduce your water pressure. This failure could explain why your water pressure drops without any warning or change in your water usage.

A partially closed water meter valve
We’re putting this one here as it’s unlikely, but something worth looking into just to be certain. Your water meter valve may be partially closed. If this happens all of the sudden, you’ll want to contact the provider of your water supply.

A partially closed main shut-off valve
That being said, another possibility for why your water pressure is low is if someone accidentally partially closed your home’s main shut-off valve. This can happen if a family member is in your basement and accidentally bumped the valve without realizing it.

Corroded or blocked pipes
Now we’re getting into more of the “call a plumber” scenarios. Older-style copper and steel pipes can corrode over time. Likewise, sediment can also accumulate within your pipes.

Depending on the age of your plumbing system, you may have hit a critical threshold requiring replacement. Whether there is blockage or corrosion, quickly addressing this issue can restore your water pressure while minimizing the risk of a leak down the road.

Sediment build-up in your water heater
And now we’ve come full circle. Remember when we said that a reduction in hot water volume, as well as a reduction in water pressure, can be related?
Your water heated is a delicate balance, requiring enough “room” within the unit to heat your water while also sending your supply through your pipes. If there is significant sediment build-up in your water heater, it cannot work properly. This can be a sudden change or a gradual one. In either case, your water heater may simply need to be cleaned out (though in extreme situations, it may need to be replaced if there is any type of internal corrosion).

We’ll help you diagnose why your water pressure is low
Two of our non-HVAC services are plumbing and the installation as well as maintenance of a homeowner’s water heater. Both of these allow us to provide our quality trades skills to Salt Lake City residents, ensuring that their showers are hot, their faucets run at full pressure, and their other appliances have the water they need.

Would you like to get a quote for either of these services? If so, send us a message HERE or book an appointment by giving us a call at (801) 980-0903. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your home water needs!

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