10 Most-Reported Furnace Problems

A malfunctioning furnace is a nightmare for most homeowners. Here at Beehive Heating and Air, we resolve these issues everyday. We asked our engineers to explain the 10 most-reported problems they deal with. 

If you can relate to any of the below, it’s time to call out the experts like us!

  1. Thermostat not working

Is your fan constantly running? That means your thermostat battery is too, and over time your furnace’s efficiency will deteriorate. You can check this by setting your fan to “auto” mode and see if it runs on every heating setting.

  1. Dirty filters

    When your filter is dirty or clogged, it stops your furnace from receiving the intake that it needs to work effectively. This will also reduce its efficiency and it could even damage your limit switch. To prevent this from occurring, change your filters regularly.
  2. Flickering or weak pilot light

    Keep an eye on your pilot light. If it’s flickering or its color has changed to yellow, this is a dangerous sign. There may be too much carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. Consider this a furnace emergency!
  3. Cracked heat exchanger

    The role of a heat exchanger separates the flame from the air. It’s integral to the safety of your furnace. Overheating your house or leaving air filters for too long can lead to this part cracking, and this will usually require a full replacement.
  4. Malfunctioning Blower Belt

The running of your furnace’s fan depends on your blower belt, which makes up part of a motor. Over time, this will fray or break. You’ll know this is happening when you hear a high-pitched squeal coming from it. A replacement of the belt will be required.

  1. Overcycling

Does your furnace kick on too frequently? Does it do so when it has just finished a cycle? This indicates that you have a clogged filter causing improper airflow. It may also mean that you’re running your furnace too high or low. Don’t ignore this, as it will result in an unpleasantly high energy bill.

  1. Limit switch not working

    When your furnace blows continually, this is usually due to a malfunctioning limit switch. You will need a professional technician to handle this for you, but it should be a straightforward job for them.
  2. Furnace not blowing air

This commonly reported issue can be caused by a few different things: your blower might be clogged with debris, for example. If your blower has a flashing red light, it’s time to call a technician. They’ll help you repair the problem.

  1. Worn out ball bearings

    Ball bearings are crucial to the functioning of your furnace’s motor. They wear out over time and need to be replaced. If you hear a scraping sound from your furnace, this could be the problem!
  2. Rattling noises from furnace

Strange rattling or pinging noises suggest loose panels on your furnace that require tightening or ductwork issues that cause expansion and contraction as temperature fluctuates.

Don’t panic if you’ve observed these problems in your furnace. Beehive Heating and Air technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you resolve them. Contact us now to arrange your urgent appointment.

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