Should I Install New Ductwork Myself?

An undeniable aspect of the Do-It-Yourself phenomenon is the universal desire to save a buck where possible. If you can do it yourself, after all, why would you pay someone else to do it for you?

You may have had a similar thought when you realized that your ductwork needed to be replaced. This is often the forgotten aspect of an HVAC system, but it’s very important. The efficiency of your ductwork determines how efficiently your heating and cooling systems work, which has a knock-on effect on your energy bills.

We asked our Beehive Heating and Air experts whether they honestly believed that ductwork installation could be handled by the amateurs. Read on to find out what they said.

Ductwork is incredibly important

The first thing they emphasized was that you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of dodgy ductwork. An inappropriate system can result in huge energy waste, AC parts that are overworked (therefore deteriorating at an accelerated rate), and uncomfortable temperatures in your home.

The average home loses between 20-30% of the air-conditioned air it’s generated due to duct leaks caused by poor connections and holes. Of course, they use their HVAC system more to compensate, and that means they pay out more in their energy bills.

Rather than attempt to save money at the installation stage by handling your ductwork yourself, our engineers recommend hiring the professionals to install a system that will save you money in the long term. 

The risks of amateur installation 

Here at Beehive Heating and Air, we understand that customers are keen to save money where they can on their HVAC system. They undoubtedly have more exciting things to spend their hard-earned cash on!

However, we’d still strongly advise against the amateur installation of ductwork. There may be YouTube videos claiming it’s an easy task, but in reality, it’s a mammoth one.

In what way? Well, ductwork runs throughout your entire house. Any connection issues throughout could result in major air leakage, costing you money as you compensate by overusing your HVAC system.

Rather than do it yourself, look for an affordable and experienced HVAC service in your area that offers flexible financing options. Beehive is proof that these companies do exist! 

Why hire a professional HVAC engineer to install ductwork? 100

Put simply, ductwork is just too technical for an amateur to attempt. Installing a system well requires industry knowledge as well as specific tools, and this isn’t a job that you can get 70% right. It requires 100% accuracy if you want to enjoy long term savings on your energy bills and full functionality for the longest period of time possible.

Unless you’re prepared to deal with air leaking, overheating motors, inadequate air distribution, or condensation in your attic, choose a reputable HVAC service to install your ductwork. They’ll ensure you avoid these expensive and inconvenient complications.

Beehive Heating and Air: Salt Lake City’s HVAC experts 

In the Salt Lake City area, you won’t find a better HVAC solution than Beehive Heating and Air. We guarantee value for money, meaning you can enjoy the highest quality service at a surprisingly affordable price.

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