10 Ways to Reduce Commercial Cooling Costs

Warmer weather is on the way, and our commercial clients at Beehive Heating and Air have been asking us for advice on how they can save money over spring and summer.

Here are our hot tips for reducing cooling costs on your commercial premises.

  1. Set your thermostat correctly

    When it comes to temperature, companies have a legal responsibility to keep a comfortable workplace for their employees. To cut energy costs within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration range of 68-76 degrees, try to stick to 76 where possible.
  2. Replace air filters

    Dust and dirt stop air from flowing freely, forcing your cooling system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.When your system has fresh filters, it operates more efficiently thanks to superior airflow. You might think you’re saving money by leaving air filters for longer, but this ends up being a false economy.
  3. Use HVLS fans

    HVLS stands for “high volume, low speed,” and this explains the benefits of these fans! Although they provide a high volume of airflow, their slow speed means that their parts experience less strain. This means they need less maintenance than equivalent models, saving our commercial clients cash in the long run.
  4. Improve your insulation

    A building that is well insulated costs less to cool or heat because it sustains the temperature inside your building regardless of the weather outside. You won’t have to blast your air conditioning all the time to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment, which saves on energy.
  5. Make your building smart

    Ok, we admit that this represents a significant upfront investment. However, the long term savings are worth considering! When a building is smart, it has automated controls that optimize cooling as well as heating and lighting systems for lower energy costs and higher efficiency levels.
  6. Invest in solar power

    Again, this costs a lot at the beginning, but with a larger facility or building it may be worth splashing some cash on solar power. You can generate your own energy this way, and it won’t just reduce your energy costs. It will also reduce your carbon footprint!
  7. Seal windows and doors properly

    Unless your windows and doors are sealed, you’ll find that hot summer air will make its way into your commercial premises. This will counteract the impact of your air conditioning system. It may seem counterintuitive, but sealing it up will ultimately keep your building cooler.
  8. Don’t run heat-generating appliances during the day

Have you noticed that some of your larger pieces of equipment give off heat when they’re used? If possible, avoid using them during the work day when employees will feel the impact. Instead, try to schedule their use for after hours. Then you won’t have to blast the space with air conditioning to compensate!

  1.  Take advantage of shade

During hot weather, shade can be a company’s best friend. When you’re shaded from direct sunlight, you feel significantly cooler. Curtains and blinds represent cost-effective methods to bring down the temperature on your commercial property. Blackout curtains are especially effective for this purpose.

  1. Ensure your HVAC systems are efficient

    Why not call out the experts at Beehive Heating and Air to ensure that your HVAC system is as efficient as possible? We’ll perform the necessary maintenance to keep it functioning at full effect, reducing the risk of excessive energy bills and potential future repairs.
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