Upgrading Your AC? Here’s What to Do With The Old One!

It’s sad, we know, but even the very best AC units eventually come to the end of their useful life. Maybe you’re saying goodbye to yours as it no longer functions correctly or maybe you’re switching to a more efficient model to reduce your energy bills. 

Whatever your motivation, you’ll still need a plan for disposing of the old one.

You may be surprised to discover that you can’t simply throw your air conditioner away with the rest of your household trash. In fact, it’s illegal to do so! The last thing you want is to face an unnecessary fine, so take our advice and get rid of your system responsibly.

Why Is It Illegal to Throw An Air Conditioner Away?

The reason this law exists is because your AC unit uses a cooling refrigerant. In this refrigerant are chemicals that can cause significant harm if left in a landfill.

These chemicals, although less harmful in newer air con models, emit damaging greenhouse gasses. This law is designed to protect the environment, so please respect it!

Can I Recycle An Air Conditioner?

To recycle an air conditioner, the refrigerant must be removed from it. Don’t do this yourself, though. It can be dangerous! Instead, contact trained professionals with EPA licenses who know how to do this safely.

You might choose to give your air conditioner to a scrap yard, a public recycling facility, or a sanitation and recycling company. Whichever you choose, make sure that they offer responsible appliance disposal.

Bear in mind that some private recycling companies charge a small fee for their services and others pay you for the scrap metal they can strip from your unit. This even applies to broken units. Research first to find the best deal for you.

Can My Air Conditioner Be Donated or Sold?

An important question to ask yourself is has your air conditioner come to the end of its usefulness or is it simply no longer the system for you. If it’s the latter, there’s the potential to donate or sell it to another user.

However, first you should make sure that your system was manufactured after January 1, 2010. There is a law that states any systems sold or donated should contain the newer, less damaging chemical in its refrigerant, so any system older than this should be recycled instead.

Once you’ve determined that your model is eligible for resale or donation, you can either list it on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace or offer it directly to schools, community centers, or individuals in your area.

Choosing and Installing a New Air Conditioner

Once you’ve successfully disposed of the old one, it’s time to find a new and improved air conditioning system. Shopping the different kinds available can be a little overwhelming, so feel free to contact the professionals at Beehive Heating and Air for advice.

We’ll provide you with expert insights to ensure you end up with the right size and type to suit your unique needs. 

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