How to Extend the Life of Your New HVAC System and Save Money on Repairs

So, you’ve just invested in a brand new HVAC system. If you’re anything like the typical Beehive Heating and Air customer, then you want this system to last a while!

Our experienced technicians are often asked what needs to be done to keep an HVAC system functional for the longest period possible. There are ways to extend its lifespan.

Read on for our expert advice regarding the best way to keep your system working well for longer, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

1. Remember to Change the Air Filter and Clear the Condenser

Check whether your HVAC system is using a 30-day or 90-day filter, and change it in the appropriate time frame.

Following the recommended replacement schedule will ensure that dirt and dust doesn’t accumulate, preventing air from flowing freely through your system.

If you forget to change your air filter and leave it longer than it should be left, your system will have to work much harder to achieve your desired temperature. That means your HVAC system will wear itself out sooner.

The condenser part of your HVAC system is the external unit. You should clear the space around this unit to allow the condenser to function effectively. Make sure branches and bushes aren’t growing too closeby.

2. Use Your Auto Setting or Upgrade to Smart Technology

Check the fan in your HVAC unit. It will most likely have two settings: auto and on. The auto option will activate the fan when the system begins heating or cooling your living space. The on setting, in contrast, operates the fan constantly.

It makes sense to use the auto setting because when your fan is in constant rotation, it will suffer more wear and tear than necessary. You can save money on your energy costs and preserve your HVAC system by using the auto option wherever possible.

Similarly, if your HVAC system uses smart technology, it can be programmed to only come on during specific timeframes. If you adjust the temperature so it’s only working when the house is occupied, it won’t have to work so much. This will help it last longer.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Are you someone who only ever calls an HVAC technician once a problem has already presented itself? It’s time to change this habit.

If you call us out once or twice a year just to check up on your system, we’ll be able to identify issues at an earlier stage. We’ll clean your system internally as well as externally, removing any unwelcome debris or moisture.

We’ll also inspect your system for any potential problems. Once we’ve tuned it up, replacing your filter—cleaning your condenser and checking your refrigerant levels—you’ll find that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are working at optimal levels.

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding expensive repairs or premature replacements.

Remember that the Beehive Heating and Air team is available at reasonable rates 24 hours a day in Salt Lake City and beyond, so we’re the obvious choice for anyone wishing to maintain their HVAC system in Utah.

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