2022 HVAC Trends So Far

Call us HVAC nerds if you want, but technology in our industry is evolving all the time, and we find it very exciting! Here are some of the trends that have been on our radar this year.

  • Digital zoning

    Increased climate customization is definitely gaining traction in the world of HVAC. Systems that use programmable thermostats to alter the environment in different rooms can increase comfort and save money on energy bills.

    We’re all becoming more environmentally-aware, so it makes sense to stop heating and cooling rooms that nobody is using!
  • Geothermal systems

    The Earth already generates substantial heat energy, and geothermal solutions seek to harness that energy for more sustainable HVAC.

    These systems are more efficient, more affordable, and quieter than other heating and cooling systems, so there are significant benefits to be enjoyed beyond the obvious gains for the environment.
  • 3D Printing

    You may be wondering how this technology relates to the world of HVAC. Well, 2022 has seen an increase in 3D printed air conditioners! The most recent breakthrough has been a 3D printed porous block designed to absorb humidity.

    We can’t wait to see what happens as this technology becomes more widely available.
  • Simple but smart thermostats

    In 2022, we’ve seen a trend toward wi-fi connected thermostats that are easier to use and understand. This is great news for us, as we know many people love the energy efficiency that smart technology delivers but they want to avoid complex and confusing interfaces.

    There is definitely a move toward improving the user experience of these innovative HVAC systems.
  • Smarter (and more popular) thermostats

    As smart thermostats have gained popularity, they’ve also become more advanced in their capabilities. Nest thermostats, for example, are able to learn the routine behaviors of a home’s inhabitants and adjust settings accordingly.

    Smart devices can be accessed from any location, and they can send alerts when dangers like furnace malfunctions are detected. Sensors are being employed to greater degrees than ever, also. They’re used to detect humidity and temperature levels then make automatic adjustments, increasing efficiency.
  • The Internet of Things

Equipment monitoring and data collection has been totally transformed by the Internet of Things. 

We are seeing a movement towards a world in which HVAC systems inform us when they need routine maintenance or when they’re suffering from functionality issues. The information gathered continues to inform and assist our HVAC engineers in their work.

  • A focus on air contamination

    Perhaps unsurprisingly given the impact of the pandemic over the last couple of years, airborne contaminants have been a huge priority for the general population.

    In the past, systems such as humidifiers and air cleaners were seen as “nice to have” luxuries; however, they’ve rapidly been promoted to household essential status as they can reduce the risk of illness.

You can count on Beehive Heating and Air to keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the HVAC industry. If you’d like to hear how these technological advancements could benefit your home’s heating and cooling systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation!

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