5 HVAC Emergencies You Can’t Ignore

When your HVAC system is malfunctioning, it can be difficult to determine just how serious the problem is. Should you call a technician in the middle or the night? Or will an appointment later in the week suffice?

Here, our experienced HVAC professionals have listed 5 instances which need urgent attention. 

  1. Air conditioning system leaking refrigerant

    Refrigerant plays an important role in air con systems, absorbing heat and cooling the air. However, refrigerant becomes dangerous when it escapes your system: breathing in too much of it can be deadly.

    You’ll know your refrigerant is leaking when your system starts running more frequently. It won’t be able to easily meet the target temperature that would usually trigger it to turn off.

    If you suspect a leak, check your refrigerant lines for hissing and ice buildup. A trained HVAC specialist can repair this.
  2. Clogs in drain lines

    Your air conditioning unit has a drain line to remove water from the evaporator coil. This water develops due to the condensation that’s generated by the process of air conditioning.

    If these lines become clogged, water will back up into and around your system. This has the potential to cause major water damage, especially if it takes you a while to notice that there is a blockage.

Call out the professionals as soon as you notice a leak to avoid permanently damaging your system or other property.

  1. Blocked air ducts

    Although this isn’t a dangerous emergency, it’s definitely a common issue that shouldn’t be ignored! If your ductwork is blocked with loose insulation, dirt, or furniture in front of the vent, then this can cause major ventilation issues over time.

    Signs of this issue include uneven temperatures throughout your property and lower air quality than usual. You can avoid this problem occurring through regular maintenance.

    Check that no items are obstructing your system’s vents and remove the vent covers for cleaning and spot-checks to keep it working well.
  2. Electrical issues

    If you’ve tried to get your system running and it won’t turn on, you might be experiencing an electrical fault. A system that won’t turn on or a system that runs all the time is a red flag for electrical problems. 

Check your breaker first as your unit may have blown a fuse. Your system contactor may have become stuck or worn, preventing the current from reaching the system.

A burning smell should be considered an emergency. You can avoid these issues by calling Beehive Heating and Air to maintain your system’s electrical components.

  1. Leaking gas

We saved the most dangerous for last. If you have a heating system that uses natural gas as fuel, you should be on high alert for any signs of a gas leak.

A crack or any breakage in the gas line can cause this to occur, and it needs immediate attention. After all, a gas leak can easily cause an explosion.

If you smell the rotten egg smell associated with gas, evacuate the property and call for emergency HVAC attention.

Remember, the Beehive Heating and Air team is available 24 hours a day to resolve problems just like these in the Salt Lake City area!

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