What is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

A central air conditioning system is great, unless you live in a home where the environment changes from one room to another. Maybe your sunroom needs a different cooling approach from your bedroom? A mini-split system might be the solution.

What defines a mini-split system?

Mini-split systems are distinguished by the fact that they empower you to customize the climate in individual rooms. 

You can see how this might be useful in a residential setting, but it’s also crucial to commercial and institutional buildings. Think about the different needs across wards in a hospital, for example.

Mini-splits allow for independent climate control. One system might be used for one space, or a multi-zone system can be installed to serve up to 5 different zones from one external condenser.

Different types of mini-split system

There are four main kinds of mini-split system on the market:

  • Single-zone: heats or cools a single space from one system.
  • Multi-zone: heats or cools multiple spaces independently from one system.
  • Hyper heat mini-splits: can operate in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Pre-charged single-zone and multi-zone: installation doesn’t require working with a refrigerant.

If you’re unsure which would be the most efficient and effective system for your space, you can consult HVAC specialists like the Beehive Heating and Air team for guidance.

Advantages of a mini-split air con system

  • They offer increased flexibility

    If different people in your building have different air-con preferences, these can be easily accommodated by a mini-split air con system.
  • They’re more energy-efficient

    Why cool or heat spaces that aren’t in use? A mini-split air con system allows you to reduce your energy bills by only performing where it’s really needed.
  • A range of models are available

    Whether you’d prefer your system to be installed on the wall, the floor, or the ceiling, you’ll find there’s a wide range of compatible models to choose from.
  • Avoids ducts where dust accumulates

    Anyone with allergies knows that ducts (when not maintained correctly) become a site of dust and dander accumulation, which often triggers irritation. A mini-split air conditioner avoids that risk.

Where might benefit from a mini-split air con system?

Mini-split systems can provide value in a whole range of different contexts. You’re likely to find them in newly-built homes, especially in dwellings which host more than one family such as apartment buildings.

Some light commercial uses include warehouses, equipment rooms (where items in storage may need specific conditions to be kept safe) and offices.

Institutional buildings like schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities benefit from the increased customization offered by mini-split air conditioning systems.

Choosing and installing a mini-split air conditioning system

Are you interested in adding a mini-split air conditioning system to your building? In the Salt Lake City area, Beehive Heating and Air can help. We offer expert guidance and a professional installation service at an amazingly affordable price. 

It costs nothing to have a conversation! Contact us today for a free consultation and a no-obligation quotation.

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