What temperature should you set your air conditioner when away?

With many office environments now phasing out work-from-home scenarios, homeowners are getting used to being away from home once again. A small yet important cost-savings step is lurking in the background during all of this. We’re talking about your HVAC system. Because we all got used to manually controlling our HVAC systems during the day,

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Types of HVAC Filters

Every HVAC system across the country has one thing in common: the need for a filter. Regardless of its age, Energy Star rating, or where it’s located, HVAC filters serve several important jobs in your system’s functionality. Are all HVAC filters made the same? Can you reuse them? And how many different types of HVAC

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Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

Although summer is still in full swing, winter will be here before you know it. That’s not something many of us want to think about (unless you love snow sports up in the mountains). Today, we want to talk about the importance of preparation. Specifically, you need to prepare your HVAC for winter so that,

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How often should I clean my HVAC system?

That’s a great question and one many homeowners have asked themselves in the past. Like mopping your floors or dusting the furniture, each component in your HVAC needs specific attention. However, the answer to your question is multifaceted, so let’s break down the three main areas to consider: your ductwork, your furnace, and your central

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The Basics of Office HVAC Systems: What You Need to Know

When you’re making plans for your office space, there’s a lot to consider. Providing a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees is a legal obligation, and HVAC plays an important role in this.  Read on for what you need to know about office HVAC and how you can optimize your system. What an

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What is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

A central air conditioning system is great, unless you live in a home where the environment changes from one room to another. Maybe your sunroom needs a different cooling approach from your bedroom? A mini-split system might be the solution. What defines a mini-split system? Mini-split systems are distinguished by the fact that they empower

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