Comparing The Differences Between Wall & Window Air Conditioners

There are some key differences between wall and window air conditioners that you should know about!

wall ac units and window ac units

Air conditioners are crucial components for every northern Utah household, particularly during the summer and fall months when temperature can fluctuate rather drastically.

Among the many options that you’ll have for AC systems, wall and window air conditioners are some of the most popular choices. Below we’ll be comparing and contrasting the main differences between wall and window air conditioners!

Main Differences Between Wall & Window Air Conditioners

There are many factors that are important to keep in mind while comparing these two common cooling solutions, and the Beehive Team is also always here to help you make the most educated investment for your home or business.

Below are some of the main differences between window and wall air conditioning systems:

Placement & Installation

One noticeable distinction between wall and window air conditioners is how these systems are installed by professional technicians. Window AC units are meant to fit within the dimensions of standard window frames, and they essentially will straddle outdoor and indoor air. This is a pretty straightforward installation, which is why they’re often a good option for people renting homes or apartments—or anyone just looking for a more temporary cooling strategy.

On the other hand, wall AC units are meant to be directly mounted onto one of a property’s exterior walls, or a specific hole in your property’s walls. This is a permanent type of installation, and it requires expertise and precision. These units don’t protrude into rooms, and they’re a more long-term solution that also doesn’t compromise a room’s ambiance.

Space Utilization & Aesthetics

As mentioned in the above section, window AC units will generally appear a bit obstructive and bulky, and this is partially because they can impede natural light and a window’s overall view. This is specifically important if you have a scenic view out of your window, which a lot of people in northern Utah are lucky to have!

Wall air conditioners are generally very flush with the walls they’re installed upon, which ensures that your window views aren’t obstructed—and that your interior design remains unaltered.

Cooling Efficiency & Capacity

When you compare the cooling performance between these two AC systems, it’s important to remember that both wall and window AC units are specifically designed to cool specific areas within a property.

But because wall AC units entail a fixed installation, they generally have an advantage when it comes to cooling capacity due to their advanced technology and overall efficiency.

Noise Levels

Noise is another important factor to keep in mind while comparing both wall and window AC units, and this is particularly important when you want to place these types of systems in quieter parts of your property.

Wall AC units tend to be a little quieter than window units, and this is due to the better insulation that comes with wall installations.

Energy Costs & Efficiency

Energy efficiency is always a huge consideration within the HVAC industry, and there certainly are cost savings and eco-friendly reasons to compare wall and window units.

The good news is that both wall and window air conditioners are comparable in terms of the availability of energy-efficient models—which often feature great SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings.

Repairs & Maintenance

Filter replacements and routine cleaning are essential for the optimal performance of both wall and window AC units, but window units generally offer easier accessibility when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Wall units will likely require a little more effort—which results in higher costs.

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