Five Eco-Friendly HVAC Solutions That Are Helping Homeowners Save Money!

Homeowners in northern Utah are saving money with these eco-friendly HVAC solutions!

eco-friendly HVAC solutions are helping homeowners in northern Utah to save money!

Sustainability has always been a huge factor for home and business owners throughout northern Utah, and eco-friendly HVAC solutions have only grown in popularity throughout recent years as we’ve all seen the negative impacts of climate change firsthand.

Just like with other industries, there are many eco-friendly HVAC solutions that are helping properties with overall reliability and cost-efficiency. What’s great is that it’s now easier than ever to implement sustainable HVAC solutions thanks to the Beehive Heating & Air experts, and below we’ll be detailing five eco-friendly solutions that are helping homeowners save a ton of money!

Reducing Your Property’s Energy Waste By Regularly Changing Your HVAC Filters

By simply changing out your property’s HVAC filters on a consistent basis, you can fulfill one of the most crucial tasks that are generally placed on a homeowner’s shoulders. And what’s great about maintaining clean HVAC filters is that it’s an easy way to ensure your system’s overall efficiency.

Dirty filters will cause your HVAC system to work unnecessarily hard, and this is partly because it’ll restrict the overall amount of airflow that goes throughout your home. This also results in poor air quality alongside your higher energy bills.

So, by simply replacing your property’s filters on a consistent basis, you can reduce your energy bills by upwards of ten percent!

Powering Up Your Home With Solar Technology

Another very popular, eco-friendly HVAC solution is to use solar power as your home’s main energy source. There are two main ways to utilize solar power at your home, including solar roof panels and passive solar technology.

Most people understand solar panels at this point, but passive solar refers to collecting solar energy by constructing flooring, windows, roofs, and walls. This type of energy storage will ultimately be able to heat up entire rooms during the colder months of the year, but you simply can’t go wrong when you invest in solar!

Using Ice-Powered Air Conditioning To Cool Down Your Home

Another way that homes in northern Utah are reducing their overall energy consumption is by making the most of ice-powered air conditioning units.

These tech-savvy, innovative AC systems are designed to freeze a certain amount of water overnight, which then helps cool down a building throughout the next day. This sustainable HVAC solution is incredibly eco-friendly, and it’s helping homes cut down their energy bills by upwards of 30 percent during the summer months!

Using Smart Technology To Monitor And Reduce Energy Consumption

Everyone all throughout our region is utilizing smart devices to keep track of daily activities and overall needs, so why wouldn’t we all start using our smart devices to support our HVAC systems?

Smart HVAC thermostats are incredibly popular these days, and they do a great job at connecting your home’s system with your smartphone. This will go a long way to help you monitor your property’s overall energy consumption, and you’ll also be able to control parts of your system no matter where you’re located.

So, there’s absolutely no denying how this tech advancement is revolutionizing how homeowners implement eco-friendly HVAC solutions!

Using The Earth To Heat Up Your Home

Geothermal HVAC products are also growing in popularity within the ongoing sustainability movement, and this solution uses the Earth’s own heat by utilizing a looped piping system that goes underground. This system is particularly beneficial during the winter months when the looped pipe will absorb underground heat and transfer it throughout your home. 

And what’s great is that geothermal systems are now capable of cooling down your home in the summer as well.

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