Does my HVAC have two air filters?

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Do you know how many HVAC filters your home has? Most people assume just one,  but now you’re probably asking yourself, “Does my HVAC have two air filters?” If so,  we have the answer for you! 

The role of an HVAC filter 

Every HVAC system has at least one air filter. These can be made of various types of  materials, though they serve the same purpose. 

The role of an HVAC filter is to remove pathogens from the air. This includes pollen, dirt,  dust, and even some microbes. HVAC filters most commonly will sit between the return  air duct and your blower motor. This also helps to prevent those same contaminants  from causing problems within your furnace’s electrical operation.  

How often should you replace an HVAC filter

A dirty filter will cause your blower motor to work harder to pull air into the system. A  clean filter, on the other hand, will improve your system’s efficiency. 

To that end, we recommend that you replace (or clean) HVAC filters at least every six  months, perhaps before the start of winter and summer. A good rule of thumb is that  you should replace your air filters and smoke detector batteries together.  

An even better process would be to replace your filters quarterly. This will help to  ensure that your filters do their job most efficiently at the start of each season. 

Types of HVAC filters 

Not all HVAC filters are made alike. There are a few different types of HVAC filters, with  the most common being pleated disposable filters. They are made of fiberglass which  is cheaper but have a lower MERV filtration rating. 

Some HVAC systems have what’s called a hydrostatic air filter. This cleans the air up to  MERV15 and ionizes the air and the particles within it. Then, an oppositely charged  plate “holds” on to those contaminants so that they don’t pass through your system  and into your home. 

Finally, there are highly-rated disposable HEPA filters, also made of fiberglass. When  disposing of these, you should use a mask and gloves to prevent yourself from  breaking or touching any of the contaminants. 

Can an HVAC system have two filters? 

Yes, an HVAC system can have two filters. These are relatively uncommon unless you  have any of the following situations: 

• Multiple return air ducts, in which case a filter can sometimes be fitted to sit in  the entrance to the vent; 

• You have both a return air duct (or ducts) as well as a separate air handler, or;

• In the case of electrostatic filters, some homes may use a disposable filter in  addition to the charged filter setup. 

Replacing your HVAC filters consistently 

Of course, our team will gladly replace your HVAC filters during our annual inspection  of your system. As many homeowners call us out for an appointment at the start of the  cold and hot seasons, we can ensure your HVAC system works as efficiently as  possible by replacing your filters then too.  

Would you like to schedule your next inspection visit? Then click here to send us a  message or give us a call at (801) 980-0903 to book it today!

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