Does Running the AC Constantly Make You Cool and Calm or Cold and Broke?

Trust us when we say we get it. We’ve all been there. It’s hot outside, and all you want to do is seek relief from the scorching summer heat by cranking up the air conditioning. After all, you bought it, so why shouldn’t you enjoy it?

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you: keeping your air conditioner running constantly can turn your home into an icy tundra, leaving you bundled up in sweaters and socks and questioning your life choices.

We all enjoy the refreshing blast of cold air on a sweltering day. However, when you leave your HVAC unit running non-stop, it’s like taking a trip to Antarctica without a return ticket. 

That’s why today, we’re discussing the 3 reasons you should turn your AC off when you leave the house.

1. You’ll save on energy bills.

Making your home a perpetual icebox has bigger repercussions than just a potential cold in the middle of summer. For starters, it is a massive waste of energy.

The more energy you use, the bigger your bill is at the end of the month.That’s right; having your AC on 24/7 is a surefire way to get a bigger energy bill than you can afford. Air conditioners consume a significant amount of energy, and the longer they run, the more electricity they consume. This relentless energy consumption can lead to skyrocketing utility bills that will leave you in a cold sweat.

Additionally, running your AC constantly can be bad for the environment; the more energy you conserve, the more the planet will thank you!

2. You’ll make your unit last longer.

If you think a high electricity bill is the worst thing that an overused AC can do to you, think again. Think just for a second about what it might be doing to your air conditioner’s parts. 

If your AC is constantly on, then it is constantly working, adding hours and hours of hard work. Just think of all the unnecessary wear and tear constant use puts on your HVAC unit. This increases the likelihood of breakdowns and decreases the lifespan of your system.

3. You’ll avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Running your HVAC unit 24/7 can cause it to break down more often. Here are some of the most common side effects of your AC running constantly:

  • Frozen coils: Did you know that your AC coils can freeze? This can happen when the system has not been serviced in a while.
  • Air filter issues: constantly running your AC can lead to major issues for your air filters as well.
  • Faulty controls: Having your system run constantly can lead to faulty control systems that can lead to some unnecessary costs.

Give your AC a break Beehive Heating and Air!

At Yoder Electric, we help you maintain your HVAC system so you can keep your home comfortable all summer long.

While it may be tempting to keep your air conditioner running all day every day, the consequences can leave you feeling more like a broke snowman than like a cool, comfortable homeowner.

Remember to give your air conditioner a break and enjoy the natural warmth of the outside world. Embrace the ebb and flow of temperatures and savor the cool breeze. After all, a well-timed blast of cool air is all you need to keep your cool and your finances intact.

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