When Size Matters: Why a Bigger Furnace May Not Be Better

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when their old, outdated furnace breaks beyond repair. And when it comes time to find a replacement, many homeowners gravitate toward bigger units. But we need to talk about the size of your replacement.

We get that it is tempting to look for a big, powerful furnace, thinking that it will heat your home more efficiently or warm up your house more quickly. We’re here to tell you that that might not necessarily be the case.

Unless your previous furnace was undersized for your home, getting a bigger and more powerful furnace might actually cause you problems. Read more to find out why.

1. An oversized furnace can make your house TOO warm.

Picture this: As a homeowner, you install an oversized furnace, thinking you’ll have the coziest and warmest home on the block. Little do you know that your well-intentioned decision for your family could transform your humble abode into a sauna. 

As winter sets in, you find yourself missing and even welcoming the cold because your home feels like a one-way trip to the desert. 

It’s true that a huge furnace can make those slightly warm rooms uncomfortably warm. It’s also possible that other rooms in your home will remain cold if your thermostat is located in a spot that heats up first.

2 If the furnace is too big for your house, it won’t last long.

Besides the problem of a big furnace being less effective at heating your home, there is another problem to consider. 

An oversized furnace often means that it will fail sooner than a right-sized unit will. Not only that, but an oversized furnace will likely overheat as well, which can damage important components. This means you might have to buy another furnace sooner than expected. 

3. Break the cycle

An oversized furnace doesn’t reach its peak levels until after it’s gone through the warmup phase. When your furnace is too powerful, it will push the temperature of the home to levels that satisfy your thermostat, and then shut off. 

This cycle will repeat if your temperature drops again in your home. This means the furnace will continuously be stuck in a cycle of heating and shutting down. The result: you and your family will constantly swing between being too hot and too cold.

Find the right furnace at Beehive Heating and Air!

We know it’s hard to hear that bigger isn’t better, it is important to know what unit will fit you and the area you live in. These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important to work with the HVAC professionals at Beehive to help you find the perfect furnace size for your home. 

Take your time when looking for a unit that will work perfectly for your needs, lower your heating bills, and be more reliable. Your home, your family, and your body temperature will thank you in the end.

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