HVAC Services – FAQ’s You Need to Know

Within the world of heating and cooling, there are a handful of customer questions that pop up from time to time. Some of those surround air conditioning services. Others are simply FAQs that are helpful when evaluating HVAC contractors. In any case, we’re always happy to answer any concern you may have.

In the meantime, we put together a quick list of six questions and answers to help whenever you need air conditioner repair or another type of HVAC service.

Q. Can HVAC contractors perform diagnostic troubleshooting?

A. In a word, yes! This is one of the primary tasks that an HVAC technician should perform whenever they arrive at your home. Troubleshooting can help them pinpoint whether you need furnace repair, air conditioning servicing, or another type of HVAC service. 

Q. Does HVAC service include air conditioning repair?

A. The answer to this question is based on the type of heating and air problem you’re experiencing. If your AC repair is connected to your furnace unit, then yes. However, if it’s something as simple as replacing your air filter, this is an HVAC service task that you can easily handle for yourself.

Q. Does furnace repair help my AC work more efficiently?

A. In many cases, furnace repair will help your AC work more efficiently. How exactly? Because of the shared components. The blower motor within your furnace will run whether you’re using your HVAC for heating and cooling. 

Q. What to look for in an AC company?

A. If you’re evaluating several HVAC contractors and trying to decide who can best handle your heating and cooling needs, then there are several key characteristics to watch for. We put together a BLOG on this recently, though in a nutshell, you’ll want to make certain they have the necessary state licensing. In addition, they must continue to maintain their certifications via ongoing training. Finally, ask for feedback from your family and friends after reading online reviews.

Q. Do I need air conditioning servicing if everything is working fine?

A. How often do you change the oil in your car or truck? Do you have a fireplace that you have cleaned and swept annually?

The answer to both of these questions may give you a bit of insight into whether you should schedule annual air conditioning servicing. It’s the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Proactive preventative maintenance with a certified AC contractor is one way to ensure that your AC continues to work fine year after year. These types of inspections can uncover smaller issues that can eventually lead to larger (and far costlier) problems.

Q. How can I contact Beehive Heating and Air for AC repair?

A. This question is easy, as there are multiple ways to contact Beehive Heating and Air for your HVAC needs. You can send us an email by clicking here, call our offices directly at (801) 980-0903, or request a quote via our website here. We also offer financing options via our partnership with GreenSky.

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