HVAC tips for new homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner, first we want to say congratulations! There’s nothing more  exciting than purchasing a new property. As you’re getting ready to move in, or if you  already have, at some point you’ll need to perform some heating or cooling  maintenance. Since not everyone is as familiar with furnace and air conditioning  systems, we thought we’d put together this short guide. So, here are our HVAC tips for  new owners to get you started! 

Schedule a furnace cleaning ASAP 

A general homeowners inspection will have reviewed the condition of your HVAC  system. However, we recommend getting on our calendar ASAP for a more in-depth  cleaning and inspection. This will identify any problems that may be on the horizon. It  will also allow us an opportunity for preventative maintenance tasks that can prevent  long-term problems with your system. 

Buy a couple of fitted air filters 

You should replace your HVAC filters, at a minimum, every six months. Ideally, you will  replace them quarterly. One way to ensure you stay on top of this small task is to pre purchase a batch of air filters to keep near your furnace. When you replace your smoke  detector batteries, go downstairs and replace the filter too. Then, the next time you’re  at the store, pick up one to replace the filter you just installed. 

Familiarize yourself with your breaker box 

Have you taken a look at your breaker box? Do you know which circuit controls your  furnace and which controls your outside air unit? Do you know which controls your  water heater and which controls your other appliances? Familiarize yourself with the  circuits within your breaker box and, if they’re not labeled, take some time to do so  right away. 

Consider replacing your thermostat 

Does your home have a “traditional” thermostat, one that lacks smartphone control  options? If so, replacing it with one you can adjust remotely will save you both time  and money. Better yet, consider using built-in geofencing options to maximize your  HVAC energy usage. 

Start saving for a replacement HVAC system 

This is a statement that might sound self-serving, but hear us out. If our team installed  the HVAC system at your new home, we’ll be able to track down the installation dates  from our records. This will give you a better sense of how long the system will last. 

However, if it’s not a home we serviced, and you can’t find out the age of the system from the available records or your homeowner’s inspection, you will want to be  proactive in preparing for an eventual replacement. Your system could be a few years  old and last you another decade. Or, it could be near the end of its life. We offer  financing options, of course, and all we’re advocating is to be prepared for the  unexpected.

Proactive maintenance can extend the life of your furnace 

That’s yet another reason why we advocate for routine inspections from our team.  Regular maintenance will help to extend the life of your furnace, whether it’s a few  years old or of driving age. Let’s know how we can help. Contact us to schedule an  inspection today!

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