Pets and your HVAC system

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Our pets are as much family to us as any other household member. In some cases,  pets are a homeowner’s “first kid”; in other cases, they’re an empty nest companion.  Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, you want to keep them safe whenever  you’re not at home. Here are some things to keep in mind about pets and your HVAC  system. 

Air filters and pets 

The first thing to keep in mind about pets and your HVAC system is the condition of  your air filter. You may need to replace or clean your HVAC air filter more frequently if  you own a pet.  

Why? As they shed, their hair and dander can make their way into your return air duct  system. Then, as your filter catches those particles, it causes its life expectancy to  drop. If you have multiple pets, you’ll probably need to replace your air filter quarterly  rather than the recommended every six-month timeline. 

Pets and their skin 

Another consideration for pets and your HVAC system is how the constant running of  your furnace will affect their skin. Just like humans, pets can have allergies. Just like  humans, pets can have skin issues.  

And just like humans, pets can benefit from an on-unit humidifier. This can potentially  stop that constant scratching your dog or cat experiences in the winter months. 

Safety concerns with your pets 

How often is your pet left home alone? Yes, you should always have both a carbon  monoxide and smoke detector installed. However, if you’re frequently away from home  you should be even more proactive with ensuring that you replace the batteries  routinely. 

Keeping your pets warm or cool as necessary 

Likewise, being away from home doesn’t mean that you should adjust your thermostat temperature constantly just because you’re not home. Rather, keep in mind  their comfort as well. Use your smartphone to dynamically adjust the temperature in  your home if it gets too hot or too cold. Likewise, you can also use home security  cameras to keep an eye on them and make changes if you notice them panting or  drinking a lot of water. 

Be prepared for more frequent cleanings 

Perhaps the final thing to keep in mind about pets and your HVAC system is that you  may need to schedule more frequent cleanings. As we mentioned, multiple pets in a  home will wear out your air filter faster. Likewise, you may need to schedule cleanings  more consistently if you notice HVAC system performance decreasing between  cleanings.

Pets and your HVAC system 

We completely understand the love a homeowner has for their four-legged friends. And  while much of what we’ve talked about today pertains to cats or dogs, the same truths  apply whether your pet is a snake, spider, or a fish. You will want to take proper  precautions, which often start with inspections and cleanings. 

Our team can help with both, so if you’d like to get on our calendar, let us know here!  We’ll follow up ASAP to schedule your appointment for a thorough cleaning and  inspection of your HVAC system.

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