Should I switch to an electric furnace?

When it comes time to replace their home’s HVAC system, some homeowners have  asked us “Should I switch to an electric furnace?” There are a few reasons why this  choice might be right for you, and we’ll walk through four scenarios today where that’s  true. There are also some cons of an electric furnace over a gas-powered option, so be  sure to stick around to the end of our blog to catch those as well. 

Scenario 1: You live in the country 

If you live in the country, you likely have a propane tank that helps to fuel your home.  However, if you also have a solar panel field, then it may make more sense to switch to  an all-electric setup. Of course, this will depend on the size of your solar panel system. 

Another consideration for those in the country is the availability of your propane  company. If you live in a remote area and run out of propane, it may be challenging to  get a refuel. Switching to an electric furnace may be the wiser move. 

Scenario 2: All of your appliances are electric 

Another reason to switch to an electric furnace is if your HVAC is the only natural gas  system left in your home. Water heaters and stoves can both be fully electric, leaving  just a gas-powered furnace. For simplicity, some prefer to only deal with one utility  company and will want to therefore switch to an electric furnace. 

Scenario 3: You have concerns about natural gas 

This leads to our next scenario. We want to emphasize that this is an extremely,  extremely small possibility — though not entirely unheard of. HVAC systems that are  not properly maintained have been known to explode. The cause of this is usually a  small leak in a gas line combined with the ignition of a pilot light. Again, this is a very  remote possibility but has been the justification for some to switch to an all-electric  setup. 

Scenario 4: You have health concerns 

And finally, those concerned about air quality will often switch to an all-electric HVAC  system. In addition to adding air purifiers throughout their home, some with chronic health conditions have found marked improvement with an electric furnace.  

Cons of an electric furnace 

Although we’ve outlined several reasons why you may want to switch to an electric  furnace, we don’t want you to walk away thinking it’s the best option all of the time. In  fact, there are several cons to owning an electric furnace, including: 

Higher overall energy bills, as electric heat is less efficient than natural gas; A longer warm-up period, meaning your home will take longer to get up to temperature,  and; 

If you lose power, you will also lose access to your electric furnace;

Again, there are reasons why you may want to use an electric furnace over a gas fueled one. It’s simply dependent on your specific situation… 

…which our team is glad to help with! 

If it’s time to replace your furnace with a new system, we can help you decide which  option is best for you. Just send us a message here to let us know you’d like a free  quote. We’ll follow up ASAP with an estimate or a time to chat so that we can get more  information. 

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