Preparing your AC unit for spring

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Did you know that spring is coming soon? That means you’ll be switching from using your furnace every day to (at first) a mix between your furnace and AC on the same day. And of course, by summer your furnace will be a distant memory as your AC takes over. However, before that happens, you’ll want to take a few steps. Here are some ways you can get started preparing your AC unit for spring.

Why preparing your AC unit for spring is important
And yes, we know: winter is still kicking and screaming. So why are we publishing a blog on preparing your AC unit for spring when it won’t be turned on for a few months just yet?

That’s easy. Some of these tips take time. For example, if you want to schedule an inspection (which is our first tip), you’ll want to get on our calendar early. In other situations, the weather is unpredictable. We could have an early spring, and you may find yourself scrambling to get your AC ready for the day to day use.

Scheduling an inspection
That’s why you should plan for an inspection of your AC unit today. We recommend that you schedule one for early to mid-spring. This will ensure that all of your components and parts are ready to go regardless of when warm weather starts to show up.

Look for damage
However, you can always take a few steps today. The first of those is to look for any physical damage to your outside air conditioning unit. If you notice rust, missing insulation, broken vents, or anything else out of the ordinary, let us know right away. We’ll stop by your home to see if it’s a simple fix or will require a more in-depth solution.

Change your HVAC air filters
The second step you can do, if you haven’t don’t so yet this season, is to change your HVAC air filters. A good rule of thumb is to swap your AC filters at the same time you replace your smoke detector batteries. Though a filter changed in February will likely need to be changed again before the summer, changing your filters consistently is always a good call.

Clear away plants and debris
As the snow begins to melt, take a moment to visually inspect the area around your outside air conditioning unit. Clear away any dead plants (before they bloom this spring). Also, if you have any leftover leaves or other debris around your AC unit, clean them up while you’re at it.

Evaluate your thermostat 
Something you can do today to prepare your AC unit for spring is to take a look at your thermostat. Are you happy with it? Does it offer smartphone integration or geofencing features? If not, plan for a replacement soon.

Contact Beehive if you need help preparing your AC unit for spring
From inspections to damage repair to assisting you with any other problems you may encounter, we’re here. Let our team know if you need help preparing your AC unit for spring and we’ll book a time to meet with you. Send us a message HERE or give us a call at (801) 980-0903.

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