Two Common HVAC Problems and Solutions

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No one wants to experience a problem with their furnace or air conditioning system. Yet, there are common HVAC problems each homeowner is bound to experience once or twice. Many of these have straightforward solutions while others may require professional assurance.

Let’s look at two common HVAC problems. After diving into each, we’ll also provide you with three solutions that may help fix each of them.

Your HVAC system cannot keep up with the temperature changes
This common HVAC problem can happen whether you’re in the dead of winter’s cold or the dog days of summer’s heat. HVAC systems are often sized incorrectly, meaning that the previous technician installed them without taking into consideration the home’s size or energy needs. However, there are a few solutions that can help mitigate an HVAC system that cannot keep up.

• Try zone-based heating and cooling: Although not always recommended, one solution to help your HVAC keep up is to use makeshift zone-based heating and cooling. Start by closing off rooms that are not in use. This will keep the focus on your occupied rooms.
• Check to see if your thermostat is set up correctly: In a previous blog, we discussed the difference between a one and two-stage furnace. Your thermostat needs to know which you have, and if you select a one-stage while having a two-stage, it’s unlikely your HVAC will be able to maintain a consistent temperature.
• Turn off automation and geofencing: In a previous blog, we unpacked the pros of geofencing. However, if your HVAC is undersized, you may want to leave your home set to a consistent temperature all day long.

Your system won’t turn on
The second of our common HVAC problems is that your system will not turn on. This is possibly due to a variety of issues. Each potential problem has its own unrelated solution.
There may be a problem with the power: Power problems can range from whole-home outages to tripped breakers. If the rest of your home has power, start with your breaker and see if it needs to be reset.
Smart home woes: As we mentioned in several previous blogs, smart homes are becoming more common. However, there may be a server or internet-related outage. Try turning it on manually, instead of via your smartphone app, before calling a professional.
The undersized situation once again: An undersized furnace can overheat. Likewise, both major components of your HVAC system have built-in controls to prevent the system from shorting out or overheating. Together, these may be the root cause of why your furnace or outside air unit won’t turn on. 

Fixing common HVAC problems the right way
As we mentioned, some of these solutions will require the help of a trained professional. It’s easy to miss a critical step here and there while troubleshooting on your own, which could result in a larger problem with your HVAC system. Others, such as the aforementioned “undersized” issue, will require a longer discussion about how to fix this long-term.

No matter what problem you’re experiencing, we’re more than happy to help. Just give us a call at (801) 980-0903 or send us a message through our contact form HERE.

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