What’s that HVAC noise?

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Your HVAC has a consistent sound profile. While it might be challenging to describe the normal operational sounds of your furnace or air conditioner, they’re relatively similar each time the system turns on and off. There are also a handful of sounds that point to a problem, and it’s those types of HVAC noise issues we want to talk about today. Here are the most common seven HVAC noises that point to a problem with your system.

A high-pitched squeal
The first HVAC noise we want to address is a high-pitched squeal. More often than not, this points to a failure in one of your HVAC belts or a motor that needs to be lubricated. Sometimes, this is a simple fix though when in doubt, give us a call.

A consistent pounding 
Pounding might be too strong of a phrase; you may feel tempted to describe it as a consistent thwapping. The regular nature of this sound means that something is most likely impacting your blower blades. As a double check, if you only hear this when the system is blowing air, it’s even more likely to be related to your blower.

Your furnace should never rattle. When the system engages, everything should be tight enough to prevent metal-on-metal impact sounds. If you hear rattling, it means that something has come loose or is disconnected. 

A consistent buzzing
A buzzing sound from your outside air unit is a strong sign that there is an issue with your compressor. Depending on the nature of the buzzing, it could cause your system to literally freeze up or shut down.

An HVAC clicking noise could be one of two issues. First, if you hear it when your furnace is trying to engage, then this probably means your pilot light is out or won’t engage.

However, if you hear it when your outside air unit is running, then this could also be a problem with your compressor.

A boom from your furnace can be a very unsettling sound. Hearing this HVAC noise means that you should immediately cease the operation of your system and contact a technician right away. Most likely, there’s a problem with your ignition system. The boom is a buildup of gas igniting all at once (instead of in smaller, system-tuned amounts).

An odd hissing sound
Anyone who has ever been around a hissing tire recognizes the sound of a leak. Likewise, an odd hissing sound from any part of your HVAC system also points to a leak, either with the refrigerant, within an air duct, or another furnace-related situation.

If you hear an abnormal HVAC noise, let us know right away
While these are the seven most common sounds, anything that’s abnormal should be looked at ASAP. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to visit your home and let you know what’s going on with your HVAC. Don’t let any HVAC noise go undiagnosed: contact us day or night at (801) 980-0903 or by filling out our short contact form HERE.

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