When should I inspection my HVAC system?

Although car engines are generally more efficient today than 30 years ago, most vehicle owners know the rule of thumb: every three months or 3,000 miles, change your engine oil. The mileage or timeline can be higher with newer cars and trucks, but the point remains: mechanical components need regular maintenance. The same is true for your HVAC system. So when should you inspection your HVAC system? 

What goes into an HVAC inspection?

Before we answer that question, it’s a good idea to cover the specifics of an HVAC inspection. While some HVAC contractors will have a slightly different checklist, generally speaking, they will handle a list of tasks. Those include:

• Cleaning all of your system’s coils;
• Checking refrigerant levels and ensuring there are no leaks;
• Tightening all connections and bolts;
• Lubricating all moving parts;
• Ensuring your thermostat works as intended;
• Checking your blower motor, and;
• Replacing your air filter.

In other words, an HVAC inspection is a thorough inspection and service, ensuring that your HVAC system works as intended all year long.

Benefits of an HVAC inspection schedule
While there are multiple benefits to a regular HVAC system inspection schedule, there are two big ones we want to highlight today. 

The first is improved efficiency. A proverbial well-oiled machine will help lower your overall energy usage.

The second is that it helps to extend the life of your furnace and air conditioning units. Regular maintenance ensures better system longevity.

HVAC system inspection schedule
So when should you inspection your HVAC system? Our recommendation is twice per year. An inspection shortly before the summer season will ensure your HVAC is ready for the upcoming warm weather. And of course, an inspection before fall ensures your home will be fully prepared for the heating season.

Can I increase or decrease the frequency of my HVAC maintenance?
Again, newer vehicles sometimes recommend you can go longer between oil changes. Does this mean that newer HVAC systems can go even longer than our above recommended inspection schedule?

Actually, no. One to two times per year is the minimum. Other factors can, in fact, lead to an increased need for HVAC system maintenance. The most obvious is the age of the system. However, there are others you may not have considered, such as if you:

• Have multiple pets, especially breeds that are known for excessive shedding (such as Huskies);
• Experience traditional cyclical seasons, such as what we have here in Utah;
• Work from home or home school;
• Or smoke.

Of special note is the third consideration we mentioned, working/schooling from home. This means that, regardless of the season, your system will be in full operation longer during the day than other households.

Is it time to inspection your HVAC system?
If so, let us know. We’ll gladly schedule a time to visit your home and give you an initial inspection while setting you up on a regular inspection schedule that works for you.
Ready to get started? Then call us today at (801) 980-0903 or email us at scheduling@beehiveplumbing.com.

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