When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

Have you heard strange sounds coming from your air conditioning unit or worry that it never seems to be cool enough inside your house? There are many reasons why you might need air conditioning repair. However, before we explore the possibilities of what could go wrong in your air conditioning system that will need repair, let us first have a refresher on the main parts of your A.C. system.

What Are the Main parts of My Air Conditioning System?

  1. Evaporator: The evaporator is made up of cooling coils that remove heat and humidity from the air within an enclosed space using a refrigerant.
  2. Blower: A blower is a fan that circulates air over the evaporator, dispersing the cool air indoors.
  3. Condenser: The condenser consists of hot coils which collects heat and re-direct it to the outside.
  4. External Fan: The external fan is responsible for blowing air over the condenser to dissipate the heat outdoors.
  5. Filter: This filter is located in the air conditioning unit to remove particles (and if your A.C. allows it, it can also remove impurities) from the air.
  6. Thermostat: The thermostat is a control system that regulates the amount of chilled air distributed in an enclosed space.

What’s Wrong with My Air Conditioning?

There are many reasons why you might consider contacting a professional to inspect your air conditioner. The most common problems that can stop your air conditioning unit from functioning the right way may include:

Faulty installation

If your system was not installed properly or an issue was left unaddressed, it might be causing you more significant problems now. Faulty installation is one of the main reasons you might find issues with your A.C. or heating system.

Poor service procedures

Even if you installed your system correctly, you might still face poor service from your servicing company. This happens when you call a servicing company for your A.C., and they were unable to deliver the best possible solutions for you that led to the issues you are now facing.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the chemical that is used to cool the air processed by the unit, so if there’s a lack of refrigerant, it can wreak serious havoc with the unit’s overall effectiveness. This may cause overheating since the engine will compensate for the lack of coolness. 

Thermostat malfunctions

This one is straightforward. If you have a malfunctioning thermostat, it means that your thermostat is not working as intended and can blow up your electric bills if left unchecked.

Mechanical wear and Tear

As time passes by, your system will naturally start to break down. This is inevitable even for the best-maintained systems. Sometimes the only solution for it to work optimally is to replace a few parts or the entire system.

Loud Noises From AC

Loud noises coming from your unit are a common issue. Unfortunately, it is often a significant indicator of a severe problem with your A.C. It’s best if you leave it to be checked by one of our experts for a repair.

What to Do If You Have an Air Conditioning Issue

If you’re experiencing one or more of these problems with your A.C., it’s best to contact a professional at  Beehive Heating & Air. We are a full-service HVAC company servicing homeowners and businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our HVAC experts are trained, certified, and licensed to provide residential and commercial HVAC services.

From installation to maintenance and air conditioner repair, we have got you covered. It is our pleasure to put our years of experience and unrivaled expertise to work to provide you solutions that prioritize your needs.

We offer flexible payment plans, prompt service delivery, and all our services are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. Call us today at 801-980-0903 to schedule a consultation.

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